PAINT WITH ME! Is a chance to meet your inner artist. In a relaxed, fun setting, an experienced artist will guide you step-by-step throughout the process of replicating the event’s featured painting. No right or wrong! No previous art experience necessary. Classes and events are perfect for beginners as well as more advanced artists. Each participant will go home with a painting they can be proud of. Think PAINT WITH ME! when planning birthday parties, bridal showers, team building events, corporate events, anniversary parties, date night, singles events, shul sisterhood events, charity fundraisers…it’s always a good time to paint!

How do I create an event or a party with PAINT WITH ME?

Contact us via email at nikki@paintwithmeinc.com or call 845-300-3660
Leave us information on location, number of participants, venue, dates and type of event. We will get back to you and do everything we can to accommodate you. PAINT WITH ME! will bring the party to you! We have paint and we will travel!

What if I’m not artistic?

PAINT WITH ME! Events/ parties/ classes are designed for beginners, yet there is plenty of room for individuality and creativity for participants of all skill levels. The instructor will guide you through the entire process. Instructions will cover basic techniques and give you step-by-step directions through every aspect of of the painting. The instructor will walk around throughout the class/party and answer questions and guide you to make sure you are comfortable and having fun!

What should I wear?

PAINT WITH ME! Will provide smocks/aprons, but we recommend wearing something you wouldn’t mind getting paint on….just in case. The PAINT WITH ME! Events are not messy, but acrylic paint does stain clothing.

Are there age requirements?

PAINT WITH ME! Events/parties/classes are designed for ages 8-120!

Is there a minimum number of people per event/class/party?

PAINT WITH ME! does not charge a travel fee! Minimums are based on location of your event. We have paint and we will travel!

Is the paint toxic/ Is the paint safe for children and/or pregnant women?

PAINT WITH ME! Uses AP certified non toxic acrylic paints only. Non toxic products are labeled as such, when they contain no material in sufficient quantities to be toxic or injurous to humans. The products we use are certified by ACMI to be labeled in accordance with chronic hazard labeling standard, ASTMD-4236 and federal law P.L. 100-695.

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